Thursday, September 29, 2011

Set Design - The Swamp

Here is the set for a scene in 'Little Knight' I designed. I did it in photoshop layers so I could see behind the foreground elements for future reference.

I added notes to block out the scene on their own layer too. When I lay it out into comic pages the action might change and you might not even get to see everything I added in this drawing but it's a concept drawing. I try to get a lot of ideas out there, even if I don't use them all, or just hint at them, I want to know whats going on in my location. 

The best is sometimes after you design a set you see some fun places to take an action scene or a cool shot you can use. It's fun to explore a made up place. 

And here's the frog fisherman that I decided is actually a toad.

Designing a nature set can be really fun because of all the organic shapes. When designing a tree you just throw down a few lines and let them go where they may.