Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Work Blog 1

Today I am starting page 10 of my original graphic novel Little Knight. I get a giddy feeling every time I start sketching out a page. The possibility of the page is part of what makes me so excited, but also the fact that I am one step closer to having it done. I can't wait to read my comi, to hold a printed copy in my hands. Unfortunately that will be a long way off still.

I finished page 9 yesterday. I hit the point of worry that I often hit at the halfway point, and then when I was almost done with it I felt relief that it worked and was a successful and usable page. They all are usable and work and I am proud of all of them, but still I worry. I am glad I worry because that way I make sure I put the thought into it that is needed.

I did 6 thumbnails last night. My first steps to making a page. It took me about 8 hours to do them. I am not just laying out the pages, but deciding exactly how to tell it. The script I wrote is more like a screenplay. The beats are there but not the comic pages and panels. This way I do the pacing visually which works way better for me.

First step was to read my script and know what I needed to tell in the pages, and then I decided to walk around and listen to music, epic soundtrack stuff, and think. I did that for more than a hour and then come home and sketch some ideas. Nothing that was exactly what I needed but enough to get the old brain pumping. Then I would flip through some comics with great layouts, Darwynn Cooke, Copiel, Immomen, Risso, or talk to one of my artist friends. I talked to both Gabe and Cory last night, and almost called Wheat, just to have conversations about layout. It helped inspire. I am lucky to have good friends to talk to about things like that. After walking around for another hour or two, I came home, and laid out all six pages pretty easily. It may have looked like goofing off but the time was worth it. I bet the people on the streets of Brooklyn thought the almost 30 year old walking around occasionally posing as if he was casting magic or swinging a sword was crazy.

So now I have the pages I need to do for the next week all thumbnailed out and I am excited to work on them. Having a good layout only helps me get excited to work. I can't wait for the next week now.