Monday, September 26, 2011

Character Design - Handsome Cap'n Jon Fathom

Handsome Jon Fathom, Captain of The Mermaids Booty. Just a little character design for something coming down the pipe line. I really love doing character design, and I love making character sheets in Photoshop where I can make different layers with coats and hats and other accessories.


  1. "The Mermaid's Booty" is an awesome name for a ship! And I always think "handsome" sounds hilarious as part of someone's name. When I wrestle with Jack, I'm "Handsome Dan, the Handsome Man".

  2. It sounds even funnier when you say it twice like that with the rhyming!

    It's weird, I usually have so much trouble naming characters, but the whole title and ship name just came to me as I drew it. Made it really fun.