Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Beastless Cart

Alistair is the wizard who goes with Little Knight on his quest. He is also an inventor, and invents magic powered devices. His home is filled with them, and one of his contributions to the quest is the Beastless Cart. It pulls its self along with spider legs, and can carry quite a lot of weight and not get tired like a horse or an ox.

Once again having to design everything in a world I learned some neat stuff about how things work! I added shock absorbers from a horse carriage, which look cool and I didn't even know they had!

Thanks to Paige Pumphrey for the textured paper, she gave me a bunch of cool stuff like that recently. Check out her blog The Art of Paigey!


  1. Fucking cool! great illustration! I love how you "roughed up" the sketchup model with extra linework- it looks like a real blueprint!

  2. My Thanksgiving mission - tear through that script of yours! Oh and finally read all of "Planetary". You're in esteemed company!

  3. Aw you're welcome ben! Glad to see you're putting that stuff to good use! :D