Friday, July 30, 2010

Testing Colors, Designing Characters

Just colored a character design  and I am feeling out how I think about the coloring style of the whole graphic novel. I think if I do it this way it will be a lot more fun and fit the style of the book. Also I just designed this character. He's a Janitor, and he once wanted to be a knight. But he's too small, and his hand is deformed, and he's got a bad back. But he still gets to wear a swell knight uniform.

I knew I had a scene with this character in it for several pages in the script, but I had not designed him. But tomorrow I start laying out those pages and that sequence, so I need to know what all the characters look like. So in the laundromat I sat with my sketchbook and started from the basic idea I had and built.

Now as you see I did a few heads I didn't like, and then I started in on the final. I sketch in red pencil and then tighten with blue, ust so I can see the drawing better when it's done. The third head I liked, and I started to try to think of what clothes he wore. What does a medieval janitor look like. What if he's a knight? An old knight? Or a wannabe?
So I made him a wannabe knight, because he can't be a knight. I threw every ailment I could at him. Hunch back, cross eyed, tiny week man, with a deformed hand.  But he still loves his life, cleaning for the knights.

Now he has so much character the short scene with him in it will be more fun and almost distract you from the information that you're getting in the scene, and will add to the overall world of Little Knight.

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