Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Comic Panel Day

Delayed to Thursday, just like comics this week.

This is Alistair's Lab. He may be a Mage, but he also is an inventor. He uses magical crystals to power a lot of it. You can see some inventions littered around the room, like his Lumberjack Belt, Washing Machine, and his Superjump Boots (well, most of them anyways, due to unsuccesful testing.) Also you can see Fluffy BaaBaa, who i just named, just now.

This was actually hard to ink, because I had to remind myself its a pulled out panel, and keep myself from zooming in too close and get all detail oriented, and I still was trying to figure out the best ways to do backgrounds on my cintiq. I actually used a plastic ruler a few times as a straight edge, but it didn't work well. I free handed a lot on this one, but I usually don't like to do that, but i figured it wood or stone so a lot of it is more organic. Now i just lower the pen pressure and use the shift button to draw straight lines. It works really good and is way faster than pathing everything out like I did for the first 30 pages.


  1. I just learned how to path everything out and my god is it tedious I have a crappy wacom which I sometimes use, how do you go about inking with a pen? Always wanted to try it, but don't know how to begin.

  2. Really cool, man. I'd definitely be using the shift+click method as well.

  3. RyanZ!: I will post a more in-depth post about inking real soon. Show some process, and settings and stuff.