Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Process for Junkies

Page 93 Panel 2
First step would be the script, but I don't script it shot by shot. I wrote a script that had everything there but it wasn't blocked out. The fun thing about this process for me is I get to flesh it out more in the visual stage instead of try and make those decisions before I know what the staging and setting looks like.

But to sum up this shot in words, our hero Odric leaves his squire Kolby, now safe in the woods, to attend to Alistair and get him to cover while the dragon is still choking.

This was drawn really small as a thumbnail (between the black lines there is an inch on the original). I liked this as soon as I thought of it, because of the scale. I am really enjoying using scale to my advantage on these dragon attack pages. 
Next I enlarged it for my pencils.

I liked the idea for this panel in the roughs, but when I finished the pencils I liked it even more. Odric doesn't have superhuman speed, but he is quick. I really like drawing people running and having the dirt or sand kick up like manga and anime. It also makes him look like he's booking it so it helps in that way too.

I also decided to add the Sound Effect coming out of the dragons mouth to show he's still coughing. I like that it looks molten like the dragons actually coughing it up, so it was fun to keep drawing that stuff.

Feel free to ask questions in my comments and I will address them.

To Be Continued...

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