Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Work Blog 2: It's Alive!

I've been working on my graphic novel Little Knight for 7 months. You could say it's been longer because I did the first sketch of Little Knight himself about 2 years ago, but about 7 months ago is when I started fleshing out the idea after work, during lunch, whenever I could. 5 months ago I finished the script, and now I am drawing it.

For two years though, little Odric existed as only one sketch, it showed what I wanted and I liked it. Many nights scripting were spent looking at this picture and imagining him. They say sometimes your characters take over when you write and come to life, and I found that to be true.

That was a great feeling, but nothing compares to drawing it. Seeing my characters come alive on the page makes me feel kinda like a proud papa . I've drawn TONS of licensed characters, superheroes, characters from other peoples scripts, but none of that has felt as good as this. The character I created, and for the last 2 months I have spent drawing 10 hours a day, has come alive. Hopefully this isn't some weird thing about being alone with my drawing board all day, but I dunno if I care even. I am enjoying it, it's what I always wanted to be doing.


  1. Ok so this now child was once a older big guy knight man, right? I would like to see him keep trying to use his original equipment. Like drag around a sword that he can't even lift or like try wearing his chain mail that just is too heavy and it bogs him down. Something cute like that would be fun.

  2. Wait till you see how big his horse is!

  3. Oh shit I remember you telling me about the horse. I never put two and two together and realized a kid this size would be riding it!